Amberton University Professor and his student raising his hand
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Experienced Faculty

Committed To Your Success

Our diverse group of faculty members share one thing in common: A passion to help you succeed.

The faculty of Amberton University is composed of two complementary groups of talented professionals. A cadre of full-time professional educators provides balance and continuity. A corps of adjunct faculty serving on specific temporary appointments adds academic breadth and specialized expertise.

All Amberton University faculty authorized to teach are selected because of their academic credentials, professional experience, and personal character. The professors at Amberton University must also be practicing professionals in their fields of study.

Instructors at Amberton University are considered uniquely qualified not only to render objective and subjective judgment on the academic performance of students but also upon the student’s personal character. Both factors, intelligence and character, will be considered in awarding the student a grade or degree from Amberton University.

Outside the classroom, Amberton University faculty may be reached by phone, fax, e-mail, or face-to-face. See the current Schedule of Classes for e-mail addresses and office and fax phone numbers. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are also detailed in the course syllabi via the Amberton web site ( All faculty will be in their offices and available to students before classes.