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Transcript Info
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Transcript Information

Transcript Service

The academic transcript is a copy of the official document on which are listed all Amberton University courses attempted, all grades assigned, and the degree status of the student. For a fee, a student may request a transcript from the Student Services Office in person and normally can receive a copy immediately, or the student may fax or mail the request. Official copies of records and transcripts from schools other than Amberton University must be requested from the institutions where the coursework was completed.

Please refer to the current Schedule of Classes for the specific transcript fee. Adequate notice of requests (a minimum of 24 hours) is required for transcript processing; however, during peak periods (i.e., registration and final examinations) there will be some delay. Transcripts cannot be released unless the student has satisfied all admission, financial, and other obligations to the University. Transcripts from other institutions provided by the student as a condition of admission become the property of Amberton University and will not be copied or returned to the student.

All academic records of all students forever remain the property of Amberton University and can be maintained or disposed of in whatever way the University chooses. Amberton University is under no obligation to maintain an academic transcript for a student who has been declared delinquent for failure to honor his/her academic/financial responsibilities. The academic transcript of a student declared delinquent will be expunged. All obligations owed or deemed appropriate by the University must be satisfied before the University will consider the restoration of expunged records.

Transcript Forms

Amberton Transcripts

If you need to request your transcripts From Amberton, please fill out this form and return to BusOffice@Amberton.edu

Other School Transcripts

If you need to request your transcripts from another school, you may use this form to send to a previous institution. This form is to be sent to your previous institution(s) and not Amberton University. Please contact your prior institution for their address, rules, and fees.

Transferring Credits

Undergraduate Transfers

All Amberton undergraduate applicants can submit an official transcript from another Bachelor’s program. The Amberton team carefully considers each submission along with your application to determine the number of credits that will be eligible for transfer.

Transfer Undergraduate Credits

Transferring Credits

Graduate Transfers

Along with your undergraduate transcripts, Amberton will also accept the submission of transcripts from a previous graduate program, and consider them for transfer credit.

Transfer Graduate Credits

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