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An Education Built for You

Faculty that Offer Experience

Our focus on adult students means providing them with a classroom led by someone who is practitioner in their subject and in teaching, rather than a career academic.

The Flexibility to Learn Your Way

Adult students have obligations that extend beyond the classroom. Our degrees are available to you in the way that makes sense for you, whether that’s online, hybrid, or in the classroom.

Prioritizing Affordability

We believe that an education should be attainable. Our tuition payment options allow our students to find the right payment structure for them and avoid potential long-term debt.

“The online platforms are workable, they’re feasible. Maybe you can be like me, take one class at a time, maybe it will take you ten years but so what? Ten years will pass and you’ll have that degree!”

Elisa M.

BS Human Relations and Business

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Why Amberton

For over fifty years, we’ve made education more accessible to working adults by making it affordable, flexible and relevant to their goals.


Tuition & Aid

Our tuition structure is built around the principle that a quality education should be affordable and accessible.

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