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Student Accounts and Records

Financial Information

As an independent institution, Amberton University receives no support from taxation. Funds for educational operations come from the tuition and fees paid by students and from gifts and grants from concerned individuals and organizations. Financial information is included in the Schedule of Classes issued by Amberton University prior to the beginning of each session. Detailed information concerning tuition, fees, and other expenses that might be incurred while attending Amberton University is included in the schedule. The Schedule of Classes is available on the University's website.

The Student Account

All costs of tuition and fees are due and payable at the time of enrollment. Cash, personal or company check, and major credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) are accepted as forms of payment. Students who can prove financial integrity to the satisfaction of the University may make application to defer their educational costs when registering. To be considered for deferred payment options, a student must have an acceptable credit history. Information on payment options is supplied during the registration process and on the University’s web site. A finance charge of 3/4 of 1% will be calculated on all unpaid balances as of the last business day of each month after all credits, charges, and payments have been applied.

Any student whose account becomes delinquent or who is in any manner indebted to the University may be withdrawn from classes or denied enrollment, at the University’s discretion. All University records, including transcripts and diplomas, will be removed from active records and withheld until full payment of the account is made.

Student Portal Access
Payment & Cashing Checks

Students may pay their institutional charges with cash, a check, or a credit card. However, in the event a check is not honored by the bank on which it is written or a credit card authorization is rejected, the student will be immediately notified and assessed a handling fee. The student will be given ten days to make the payment good. If payment is not made when requested, the student’s entire account balance becomes due and payable, and the student is subject to immediate suspension. The University reserves the right to specify what method of payment (personal check, cash, money order, etc.) will be required of each student. Excessive amounts of change or currency, non-U.S. funds, and two-party checks will not be accepted. The University does not:

  1. cash checks for personal needs
  2. accept checks that are temporary or postdated
  3. give cash back on checks that are for amounts greater than the amount owed.
Delinquent Accounts & Academic Records

All records of academic performance are the property of Amberton University and are maintained or disposed of in whatever way the University deems appropriate. The University has determined that it has no responsibility or obligation to maintain the academic records of a person declared financially delinquent. Any student who is declared delinquent in payment of his/her financial account will have his/her academic records expunged. All obligations owed or deemed appropriate by the University must be satisfied before the University will consider restoration of expunged records. Students should contact the Student Services Office to discuss university records and financial obligations.

Tuition Refund Policy

A student who officially drops a class during the first week of the regular ten-week session will be entitled to a full refund of tuition. A student who drops during subsequent weeks will be refunded as specified in the University’s Tuition Refund Policy and Schedule.

Financial Aid Information

Amberton University’s philosophy is to provide an affordable, quality education with reasonable costs enabling students to “pay as they go” and not incur long-term debt.

Financial Aid

Contact an FA Advisor

Looking for more information about Financial Aid and the costs associated with obtaining a degree or certification from Amberton University? Contact one of our Financial Aid Advisors today.