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General Education Requirements - Bachelor's Degrees

General Education Requirements - Bachelor's degrees

Amberton University's Bachelor degrees contain 45 credit hours of General Education courses. These courses are designed to provide the student with a solid learning foundation to prepare them for completing upper level courses in the selected field of study.

SubjectCourseCredit Hours
Behavioral SciencePSY37353 hours
Communication (must include oral communication skills
COM3401 or COM4405

3 hours
Computer ConceptsMSI21103 hours
Critical ThinkingMGT4720 3 hours
EnglishENG1001, ENG1002 plus 6 hours of writing12 hours
Six hours of writing selected from:
COM3461 3 hours
COM4441 3 hours
ENG2006 3 hours
History/GovernmentHIS1011 and HIS10126 hours
HumanitiesHUM10153 hours
Mathematicssee below requirements3 hours
Natural SciencesSCI1026 and SCI10276 hours
ReligionREL2000/3000 level course3 hours

Total                                                                                                                                                                                                 45 hours

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Math Requirements – Mathematics (MAT1016 or equivalent)

Bachelor of Business Administration Math Requirements – Mathematics (MAT1024 or equivalent)