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Concepts of Biology and Healthful Living

The course presents concepts of wellness and healthful living in today’s modern society.  Different aspects of human health within a world context are covered including cancer, nutrition, drug use, and abortion.


  • Discussing the implication of an individual’s value system on society.
  • Identifying the major components of health.
  • Identifying and describing contemporary nutrition diets and describing their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Contrasting the research set forth by the American Cancer Society and the tobacco industry as it may relate to the relationship of lung, mouth, lip and nasal cancer and the use of tobacco.
  • Identifying and describing the leading preventative and detection techniques available for men and women as they relate to present or future personal occurrences of one or more forms of cancer.
  • Explaining the physiological and psychological traumas often associated with a cancer victim and his/her friends, family and/or associates.
  • Describing the preparation/precaution recommended by leading authorities prior to engaging in a vigorous physical fitness program.
  • Describing the influences of drug and alcohol abuse on the United States economy and industrial production.
  • Identifying and describing the leading forms, the target population, and growth of drug abuse in the last twenty years.
  • Defining suicide, identifying the characteristics of individuals most commonly associated as being suicide candidates, and identifying and describing organizations whose primary purpose focuses on suicide prevention activities and/or who work with families of suicide victims.
  • Describing and discussing the increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in the United States.
  • Identifying and discussing the biological and social implications of HIV/AIDS.
  • Contrasting the arguments advocated by the Right to Life versus the Freedom of Choice philosophies.
  • Identifying and describing recommended coping strategies for individuals to utilize in order to minimize the influences of common stress factors.
  • Describing and interpreting the major medical tests which are generally prescribed by physicians.


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