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President Emeritus Award

AU Garland Campus

Dr. Reagan Announcement

President Emeritus Awarded to Dr. Melinda H. Reagan

Please join us in expressing our heartfelt appreciation and Congratulations to Dr. Melinda Reagan who was presented with the title of President Emeritus.   She served as President for the past eighteen years and she also just celebrated a milestone which no other person has ever reached – fifty years of service to Amberton University.

In recognition of Dr. Reagan’s extraordinary fifty years of contributions and enduring legacy, it was fitting that we bestowed upon her the title of President Emeritus.  This honor not only acknowledged her past service but also signified our enduring gratitude and respect for her continued guidance and wisdom.  As President, Dr. Reagan displayed unparalleled dedication to our mission, tirelessly advocating for the values and principles that define us.  Beyond Dr. Reagan’s professional achievements, she has always set an example of true faith, integrity, and compassion.

As President Emeritus, Dr. Reagan will continue to be a trusted advisor and advocate for Amberton University, providing invaluable insights and mentorship when needed. Her legacy will continue to motivate us to reach greater heights and to uphold the values that define us.


Thank you, Dr. Reagan!  May your legacy continue to inspire us for generations to come!

Dr. Reagan with her President Emeritus Award



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