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Amberton University offers a variety of technologies that enable the student to communicate with the University at any time. The systems are available to students and the public and allow access to Amberton University 24 hours a day, 365 days of a year. Amberton’s technology systems include the following:

Automated Voice Mail System

Main Phone Line: (972) 279-6511

The Amberton University telephone system allows a caller to leave a voice message for any faculty, administrative or staff person. The system is menu driven and provides key extension numbers for all Amberton University personnel. In addition, class closings due to holidays or inclement weather are announced through the Automated Voice Mail System as well as the University’s website.

The automated voice mail system is one of the methods by which students can communicate with faculty. (See individual course syllabi for approved methods of communication.) However, students should follow these procedures when leaving a message for faculty, as well as all Amberton personnel.

  1. The voice mail system is designed for brief messages. One should organize his/her thoughts and be precise. If a lengthy message is needed to explain a matter, the message should be written, then mailed, faxed, or e-mailed.
  2. Never leave only a name and number, requesting the recipient to return the call.
  3. Leave clear identification, the exact purpose of the call, and information on how the caller may be reached if more information is needed.
  4. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up on unanswered messages. A student is not absolved of responsibility concerning an issue simply by leaving a message. The student must follow all messages to a conclusion.
  5. To protect all parties involved, matters of major importance should always be placed in writing.

Fax System

Amberton University provides three fax options:

Administrative Fax Line: (972) 279-9773

Registration materials, transcript requests, class changes, and payments by credit card may be faxed to the University’s Administrative Services Office via the Administrative Fax line. Please remember that all non-business information received over this fax will be discarded. Do not use the Administrative Services Fax for submitting academic work or assignments.

Faculty Fax Line: (972) 686-5890

Class assignments, correspondence to faculty, and other academic work may be faxed directly to the Instructional Services office via the Faculty Fax line. Permission from the instructor is required before faxing. Do not use the Faculty Fax for registration or other administrative records business.

The Faculty Fax is one of the methods by which students may communicate with faculty. Read each course syllabus carefully to determine which forms of communication the course requires. The following points should be remembered when corresponding by fax:

  • Clearly identify the recipient, sender, and purpose of the fax. Faxes received without this information cannot be guaranteed delivery.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the recipient has received the fax. If the student has a question concerning the receipt of a fax, s/he should contact the intended recipient directly.

Library Fax Line: (972) 686-5567

Written correspondence for the Library Resource Center may be faxed to this fax line, along with requests for Interlibrary Loans and TexShare cards.

Amberton E-mail

All administrators, faculty, and operational departments of Amberton have email addresses and can be contacted by students. Faculty e-mail addresses are listed in individual course syllabi and in each session’s Schedule of Classes. Administrative and departmental e-mail addresses are listed in the Schedule of Classes and on the Amberton website.

All currently enrolled students are also assigned Amberton e-mail accounts for use in University courses and to contact University offices and personnel. Information on student e-mail access may be found in course syllabi. It is important that students use their Amberton e-mail accounts rather than personal e-mail accounts when contacting the University. Students are also encouraged to check their e-mail accounts regularly for University news and announcements. Should an emergency situation occur requiring student notification, such notification will be submitted through the Amberton e-Mail system and the University website.  In the event the email system is inoperable (due to a power outage or natural disaster), the University will use whatever methods at its disposal to convey emergency information, such as radio or television news channels.

As with all forms of communication, certain procedures should be observed. When sending correspondence by e-mail, the student should be as clear and concise as possible in explaining his/her need or request. Since e-mail addresses are often “nicknames” or abbreviations and cannot always be linked to the student’s identity, the e-mail should contain the student’s full name under which s/he is enrolled at Amberton.

In keeping with Amberton’s Technology Usage Policy, users are advised that all university-provided technology systems are university property and are intended for educational use only. The use of these systems is a privilege, not a right, and use may be revoked at any time. Amberton technology systems are subject to monitoring for security, network management, or other purposes as may be required. Any communications made via these systems are not guaranteed to be private and can be read or deleted at the University’s discretion.

Amberton Distance Learning System—The Online Portal

The On-Line Portal is Amberton’s online education center. The On-Line Portal provides many resources for Amberton faculty and currently enrolled students. Each of these resources has been exclusively designed to make the student’s online experience an enriching and rewarding one. We encourage each Amberton student, regardless of delivery method (lecture or online), to use these resources effectively.

Through the Online Portal, users may:

  • Access academic and financial information
  • Make payments online
  • Access University provided student email account
  • Access online courses through Moodle
  • Conduct online research
  • Access digital resources provided by faculty

To access the Online Portal, click on the link located on the University’s website. The Amberton University ID and password are required to log in. Amberton University IDs are issued at the time of admission. Please contact the Student Services Office (972 279-6511 or for information on obtaining a duplicate AUID in the event one is misplaced.

Amberton University Technology Usage

Amberton University provides students with an array of equipment and technologies to be used in communication, instruction, and research opportunities. The use of Amberton University technologies and equipment is by permission only. All data on University equipment/technologies, including files, e-mails, and postings, belong to the University and can be read or deleted at the University’s discretion. No user of Amberton computing resources or electronic communication systems should consider their messages or files private. In addition, because of the volatile nature of digital information, and the possibility of system failures and possible software or hardware problems, no user should consider that messages or files are secure or preserved. Users are responsible for maintaining current virus protection on their systems and for implementing virus checks of any downloaded files from Amberton. Users who do not follow these procedures and/or who knowingly spread computer viruses shall be subject to disciplinary action. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt Amberton’s computers, network, and/or systems will be viewed as criminal activity under applicable state and federal law.

All University equipment and technologies are restricted to educational endeavors only, and any abuse, as determined by the University, will result in the revoking of the usage privilege. Improper use of Amberton University equipment or technologies is a breach of institutional ethics and could result in suspension or expulsion.