Summer 2024 Schedule of Classes and Syllabi are now available! Registration is Open!

Amberton University offers four academic sessions per year.  Each session is no longer than ten (10) weeks.

Classes may be offered each night Monday through Friday, half-day and all day on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoons.  Distance learning options are also available.

Summer Session       June, July, August

Fall Session               September, October, November

Winter Session         December, January, February

Spring Session         March, April, May

The four-session calendar does not change the academic value awarded to a course.  Three (3) hours of academic credit are given for each course.  The same amount of information and instruction is provided in each course, just in a tighter package.

The obvious advantage of the four-session calendar is time.  The schedule allows a student to fulfill all academic requirements for a course in no more than ten weeks which decreases the length of time required to finish a degree.  Two weeks between each session plus additional holidays allow adequate vacation breaks.  (Example:  The Winter Session includes a break for Christmas and New Year’s holidays.)  The calendar also allows a student four options per year instead of the traditional three.  Adult students who have many obligations and demands on their time will find that the four-session calendar allows greater flexibility in meeting their academic needs.

Amberton University recognizes that many adult students are unable to attend classes during the week.  The weekend option is designed to accommodate these students.  Weekend offerings may include half-day and all-day classes on Saturday and afternoon classes on Sunday.

For students who cannot attend on-campus, Amberton offers distance learning options through a variety of degree programs and classes.  Distance learning courses as well as degree programs are clearly identified in each session’s Schedule of Classes and on the University’s website.