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Theory and Application of Research Methods

The course presents the issues relevant to the understanding and application of research methods in the study of human behavior and organizational variables.  Aspects of conducting research, methodologies for analysis, and studying and preparing a research project are covered.


  • Describing and discussing the research process and the scientific method.
  • Selecting procedures to locate unsolved research problems in given areas of interest.
  • Listing and describing the components of a sound research plan.
  • Writing hypotheses and research questions that relate to a given research problem.
  • Identifying aspects of a research situation that involve ethical questions or principles.
  • Conducting a review of the research literature on a given topic.
  • Identifying sections of research reports and aspects of research design that indicate possible bias or contamination.
  • Describing, discussing, and using appropriate sampling procedures.
  • Defining and illustrating the types of validity and reliability and their influence on the research process.
  • Identifying and discussing the significant methods of research.
  • Applying procedures and guidelines for constructing questionnaires.
  • Critically evaluating possible threats to the internal and external validity of a research project.
  • Creating commonly used experimental designs, including specifications for random assignment, formulation of experimental and control groups, and use of pretests and posttests.
  • Writing a document that employs correct grammar, mechanics, and diction; follows APA format for research reports; and achieves the intended purpose of the document.
  • Understanding the available sources of data and where they can be located.
  • Demonstrating the ability to apply the critical evaluation competency in various contexts.
  • Explaining the relevance of critical evaluation and applying concepts to key roles and duties.


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