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The Power and Wisdom of Love

The course discusses love from both a personal and societal perspective.  Students are encouraged to examine how love operates in their own lives through personal self-assessment, by applying text recommendations to personal needs and goals, and by sharing issues and ideas in a lecture class setting or in an online discussion forum. During the course, students are expected to be able to understand and apply relational principles to real-life situations.


  • Defining time-tested principles of respectful power, situational wisdom, and healthy love.
  • Describing individual benefits of becoming a loving person.
  • Knowing the differences between healthy and unhealthy love and being able to apply true loving methods for self-protection, self-improvement, and personal success.
  • Demonstrating a working understanding of practical text strategies and using them to better manage specific personal and/or real-`life instances.
  • Applying proven methods to form better habits by taking responsibility for one’s attitudes and actions and productively correcting personal wrongs.
  • Implementing desired goals, realistic expectations, and committed outcomes to achieve a happier, healthier, and more enriched life.
  • Mentally analyzing strategies to better balance self/others needs and expectations.
  • Exploring degrees of love within friendships, family, and spousal relationships.
  • Understanding, respecting, nurturing, and appreciating relational differences.
  • Encouraging and helping others to demonstrate healthy loving attitudes, expressions, and actions.
  • Knowing how to practice consideration, compassion, service, and emotional support with reasonable giving.
  • Creating uplifting, happy, and fun moments together in both intimate and non-intimate relationships.
  • Wisely communicating with a loving attitude, with sincere listening, and with meaningful feedback.
  • Using biblical teachings of godly love to enhance personal effectiveness.
  • Practicing a healthy, harmonious, and loving balance in all relationships, including the difficult ones.
  • Continuing to positively grow a loving relationship by seeking wise counsel through good books and inspired others who serve as excellent examples.


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