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The Gospel of John

The course presents a study of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the fourth Gospel, called the Gospel of John.


  • Understanding the theological motive of the Gospel of John.
  • Discovering evidences for the historicity and authorship of the Gospel of John.
  • Discussing the historical background and theme of the Gospel of John.
  • Characterizing the uniqueness of the Gospel of John from three other Gospels known as the Synoptics.
  • Identifying the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, and Gnostics.
  • Tracing the development of opposition to Jesus and his teachings that led to his arrest, trial, and execution.
  • Discussing the theology of the Gospel of John relevant to human suffering.
  • Discussing the miracles of Jesus presented by the Gospel of John, including their purpose and results.
  • Describing the climax of opposition to the Christ and the results.
  • Understanding the theology of the claims of Christ.
  • Understanding the significance of the new birth.
  • Describing the evidence of the bodily resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of John and its importance for Christians today.
  • Comprehending the revolutionary nature of the person and work of Jesus as revealed in the Gospel of John and, especially, as it relates to Him as Savior of the world.
  • Determining a practical application of Jesus’ High Priestly prayer.
  • Discussing the Holy Spirit as guide, comforter and revealer.
  • Understanding the meaning of the “I AM” pronouncements by Jesus.
  • Understanding the Old Testament background of the Gospel of John.
  • Understanding the Old Testament prophecies fulfilled in the Gospel of John.


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