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Stress Management

The course presents an in-depth study of the sources of stress, the physiological and psychological effects of stress, and the strategies for managing stress.  Definitions, symptoms, psychological aberrations, physical disturbances, and stress maintenance are covered.


  • Listing definitions of stress by noted researchers.
  • Discussing the causes of stress brought about in the modern world of multi-cultures.
  • Describing physiological reactions of the body to stress.
  • Comparing the relationship of personality to stress.
  • Discussing the management of stress-induced drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Listing sources of stress in business organizations.
  • Comparing the actual and psychological costs of stress.
  • Identifying causes and symptoms of burnout.
  • Listing variables involved in overall job satisfaction.
  • Outlining the problems of expressing anger, hostility, frustration, and aggression.
  • Demonstrating the ability to monitor one’s physiological reactions to stress and applying stress-reduction techniques.
  • Discussing the relationship between life events and the onset of illnesses.
  • Developing a holistic model of managerial lifestyle that calls for a balance in the following dimensions of life: professional, financial, social, cultural, creative, and personal.
  • Discussing the cognitive appraisal concept as it relates to stress.
  • Describing psychosomatic disorders as manifestations of stress.
  • Discussing sources of stress in the family and the community and the social approaches to stress management.
  • Reviewing the current research on stress in the United States.
  • Determining and reflecting on the overall picture of one’s own current stress status.
  • Discussing the unique stresses of the twenty-first century brought about by changes in the American culture.
  • Designing a personal stress prevention plan.


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