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Social Media in Business

This course provides students the skills necessary to understand social media and how it impacts the business environment. The course will examine the concepts of social media for support purposes, and then explore how these concepts integrate within businessand industry. A variety of social media topics will be discussed including differentiating the variety and dynamics of social media platforms, distinguishing between one-way and two-way communication, gaining an understanding of corporate leadership commitment to social media, social media measurements, smartphone growth and adoption, and relationship between blogs and marketing. The course will also explore the future of social media, identifying social technographic profiles, strategic development, and expelling social myths.


  • Identifying different types of social media platforms and its functions.
  • Exploring the dynamics of each social media platform.
  • Researching the role of social media in society and business.
  • Differentiating between one way vs. two-way communication and how it changes organizations and society.
  • Discussing the theories of adoption with society and business issues.
  • Discovering what social media delivers to business
  • Expelling social media myths.
  • Exploring the value of smartphone growth and the adoption process to social media and society.
  • Examining the importance of social media for today and tomorrow’s businesses.
  • Developing a strategic approach for social media.
  • Discovering and identifying the real cost of social media for businesses.
  • Understanding the importance of Executive levelsupport as it relates to all levels of an organization.
  • Discussing and determining the link between social media platforms and business.
  • Exploring and identifying social techno-graphic profiles.
  • Mastering and utilizing the language of social media as it is integrated with business.


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