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School Counseling Practicum III

This course is a stand-alone course and cannot be taken simultaneously with any other courses. The course is designed for school counseling students to comply with TAC 228.35. The course allows for more extensive practicum experiences for the MA in School Counseling students. The course will enable students to be in a school counseling center for a complete school year cycle. This extended cycle is commensurate with a complete field experience within the expectations of the Texas Education Agency of 160 total clock hours. This course will require a minimum of sixty hours in addition to the 100 hours from two previous practicums, for a minimum of 160 total clock hours. The course will offer extended field experiences in demonstrating the student’s ability to implement a comprehensive guidance program according to state requirements. Complete participation in the school calendar year offers a wider range of exposure to the four facets of the Texas Guidance Plan: guidance curriculum, response services, individual planning, and system support.



  • Conceptualizing cases of school counseling in academic and behavioral situations.
  • Applying advocacy and social justice principles to school counseling culture.
  • Identifying mental health and social service referral resources for school community.
  • Evaluating ethical and legal standards within the school culture.
  • Demonstrating understanding of diverse cultures in the school community.
  • Incorporating peer supervision principles for consultation interaction.
  • Identifying professional organizations that support the school counselor.
  • Researching and presenting current topic(s) in school counseling.
  • Identifying school protocol for suicidal ideation and threats of violence.
  • Participating in cohort supervision group.
  • Demonstrating management of comprehensive school counseling program.
  • Demonstrating collaborative skills with school community stakeholders for student success.
  • Creating and presenting a school counseling digital portfolio for interviewing purposes.
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive individual self-care plan for reduction of school counseling job-related stress.
  • Applying and demonstrating chosen counseling theory and skills with school students.
  • Demonstrating understanding and competence in the implementation of MTSS and the roles and tasks of school counselors in special education.


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