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Psychology of Adjustment

The course presents the ways in which psychological principles apply to effective personal adjustment and development.  Topics include emotional response theories, coping skills, self-esteem, depression, stress factors, and psychotherapeutic intervention.


  • Defining adjustment and discussing its implications.
  • Describing how competence and flexibility relate to intellectual adjustment.
  • Identifying the nature of emotional response and emotional paradox as they relate to emotional adjustment.
  • Describing the emotional response theories of selected theorists.
  • Examining adjustment to stressful situations and identifying positive and negative ways people cope with stress.
  • Discussing the implications of psychotherapeutic intervention for optimum personal adjustment.
  • Identifying personal stressors that may have an impact on the process of adjustment.
  • Discussing the maintenance of interpersonal security, self-esteem, and the assimilation of the data of experience as functions of the self.
  • Contrasting constructive and destructive fight styles.
  • Discussing depression as it relates to personal adjustment.
  • Describing how ineffective adjustment patterns affect the individual and the family.
  • Applying Constructive Coping Model to personal stressful circumstances.
  • Describing the correlation of habit, lifestyle, and health to personal adjustment.
  • Applying the principles of Positive Psychology.
  • Identifying communication styles and how they impact the ability to adjust effectively.
  • Exploring gender, ethnic and sociocultural differences in responding to and coping with stress produced by life changes.
  • Critically analyzing advertising and other media for instances of stereotyping, and discussing any potential impact on personal development and adjustment.
  • Critically reviewing and analyzing a self-help book for its thoroughness in discussing a psychological problem and its effectiveness in outlining a specific plan to manage, cope, or solve the associated challenges.


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