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Psychology of Adjustment

The course presents the ways in which psychological principles apply to effective personal adjustment and development. Emphasis is on identifying, developing, and maintaining personal strategies for appropriate psychological and emotional adjustment. CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4725 has been successfully completed.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4725 has been successfully completed.


  • Understanding the process of personal adjustment and discussing its implications.
  • Analyzing how competence and flexibility relate to intellectual adjustment.
  • Assessing the emotional response theories of selected theorists.
  • Examining the emotional and physiological responses to stressful situations, including life changes and evaluating the positive and negative ways people cope with stress.
  • Determining the implications of psychotherapeutic intervention for optimum personal adjustment.
  • Understanding the maintenance of interpersonal security, self-esteem, and the assimilation of the data of experience as functions of the self.
  • Comprehending the concepts of diffusion of responsibility and blind obedience to authority as they relate to the personal evaluation of behavior.
  • Analyzing communication styles and how they impact the ability to adjust effectively.
  • Correlating attraction, friendship, and love in interpersonal relationships.
  • Applying the theories of adjustment to personal development.
  • Illustrating the motivational relationship of human needs to adjustment and development.
  • Applying the principles of Positive Psychology.
  • Tracing the development of various forms of parent-child relationships and their implications for the effective development of both parties.
  • Comprehending the nature of primary and secondary drives as motivational processes.
  • Exploring gender, ethnic and sociocultural differences in responding to and coping with stress produced by life changes.
  • Critically analyzing advertising and other media for instances of stereotyping, and discussing any potential impact on personal development and adjustment.
  • Critically reviewing and analyzing a self-help book for its thoroughness in discussing a psychological problem and its effectiveness in outlining a specific plan to manage, cope, or solve the associated challenges.


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