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Principles of Success

This course presents application tools based on practical time-tested principles for whole-life success.  Key topics include how to develop constructive personal habits and positive attitudes, how to build effective spiritual, relational, and vocational support systems, how to design and achieve meaningful goals, and how to maintain a healthy life-work balance.


  • Explaining the aspects of personalized whole-life success applied to self, relationships, and vocational ventures.
  • Studying a self-analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses with strategies for improvement.
  • Developing a positive self-image and self-confidence to achieve a desired dream or goal.
  • Learning how the outcome of events can be influenced by a positive change of attitude and response.
  • Discovering why love, forgiveness, honesty, gratitude, and personal responsibility are key pillars of success.
  • Discussing how to heal past fears and transform self-defeating beliefs.
  • Exploring how to use visualization exercises and imaginative strategies to build a preferred success plan.
  • Examining the Law of Attraction theory and how thoughts, desires, intents, and beliefs can affect outcomes.
  • Developing SMART Goals with workable action plans.
  • Examining the importance of  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health for lasting success.
  • Developing mentors and support systems to help with goal achievement.
  • Applying time management techniques to enhance a focus on success.
  • Examining anecdotes, teachings, and counsel from renowned innovators of success principles.
  • Discussing ways to keep a healthy balance between personal and vocational pursuits.
  • Discovering why a legacy of helping others succeed along the way is greater and lasting success.
  • Learning how proper application of purpose, passion, and persistence brings about prosperity.
  • Designing a personal success growth plan based on course teachings.