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Principles & Methods of Sex Therapy

This course provides a basic introduction for counseling individuals and couples with sexual issues and concerns. Contemporary developments in human sexuality and the multiple sources of sexual problems are examined. Areas addressed include, psychological, relational, socio-cultural, and biological factors. The course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and treat common sexual problems. Specific sexual problems such as sexual dysfunction, disorders, criminal sexual behavior, sexual trauma, pornography, sexual addiction, compulsivity, and sexual harassment are explored. Students are also challenged in their own growth and development in sexuality as they learn to teach and counsel more effectively on sexual concerns. The course in principles and methods of sex therapy will be required for those students enrolled in the marriage and family therapy degree program. It is beneficial for students at Amberton University to have knowledge and skills essential for working with individuals and couples with sexual issues. This course will assist students in gaining an understanding of the latest developments in human sexuality and the multiple sources of sexual problem. In addition, students will become knowledgeable about the common sexual concerns and complaints of couples and individuals, including those in clinical populations. As a result of this course, students will learn to identify, assess, and treat sexual dysfunctions and problems in the context of ongoing couple therapy or individual psychotherapy. Basic intervention techniques and strategies will be developed through this course, as students acquire the ability to utilize therapeutic approaches and sex therapy techniques appropriate for working with diverse clients. Students will learn how to set and maintain appropriate boundaries while working with clients with sexual problems.


  • Defining sex therapy and tracing the history of the field.
  • Assessing, evaluating, and treating compulsive and atypical sexual behavior.
  • Analyzing sex therapy techniques appropriate to LGTB’s and persons of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Understanding sexual dysfunctions and problems in the context of individual, group, and couple therapy.
  • Identifying issues related to both male and female sexual dysfunction and sexual disorders.
  • Exploring the ethical aspects of the practice of sex therapy
  • Understanding contemporary models for treatment of sexual problems.
  • Assisting students in assessing their own sexuality.
  • Discussing, critiquing, and integrating faith based perspectives in the practice of sex therapy.
  • Analyzing and treating sexual health problems in the presence of chronic illness and lifespan challenges.
  • Conducting psychosocial and psychosexual assessments related to problematic sexual behavior.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of medical conditions that impair sexual functioning.
  • Comprehending common sexual challenges in relationships.
  • Exploring issues regarding the use of pornography.
  • Identifying and assessing sexually transmitted infections and safer sex practices.


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