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Negotiation Skills for Managers

This course presents skills for a variety of negotiating situations: managing contracts, implementing change, making sales purchases, settling organizational conflicts, planning strategies, and achieving credibility The class prepares the student to understand different types of negotiation, how to strategically negotiate from a managerial and professional perspective and create value in the negotiating process.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if MGT4193 has been successfully completed.


  • Identifying negotiatory elements and discussing the reasons they are important to the process.
  • Exploring the various tactics used by negotiators.
  • Analyzing why negotiations fail.
  • Identifying and recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses which have an impact on the negotiating process.
  • Contrasting effective and ineffective teamwork in negotiations.
  • Analyzing the important elements of a complete, written, negotiated agreement.
  • Illustrating how to effectively negotiate in an ethical manner.
  • Distinguishing between distributive and integrative negotiations and its functions.
  • Determining the preconditions that affect negotiations and discussing the importance of determining the needs of both parties prior to negotiating.
  • Mastering and utilizing the language of negotiation, and the importance of nonverbal communication.
  • Exploring the various tactics used by negotiators in dealing with different attitudes and those with more power.
  • Preparing and constructing a logical plan of action based on the needs of each party.
  • Understanding the value of the resistance and walk away points and how to utilize it effectively and eliminate emotions.
  • Illustrating the importance of communication and personal presentation during negotiations.


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