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Managerial Communication

The course explores the relationship between management and communications, providing the students with the tools to improve their organizational communication skills. Topics include effective application of managerial and communication skills, motivational theories, management theories, and communication theories.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if COM3469 has been successfully completed.


  • Identifying and examining the communication traits of a successful manager.
  • Recommending ways to build stronger relationships between management and employees, improving interpersonal relationships.
  • Proposing how communication personalities might positively and negatively affect an organization.
  • Recommending methods of adapting one’s leadership style to the organizational environment.
  • Examining how to adapt one’s communication style to interpersonal relationships at the workplace.
  • Comparing and contrasting managerial theories to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Devising strategies to motivate and to influence employees.
  • Exploring how attitudes can positively or negatively influence one’s work.
  • Discussing how transformational and charismatic leadership influence others.
  • Analyzing the bases of power within the organization and devising strategies to increase one’s power and influence.
  • Predicting how an employee’s contributions might be improved by communication from the manager.
  • Assessing the sources of conflict and proposing communication strategies to solve conflict in an organization.
  • Identifying a manager’s style by comparing it to communication and management.
  • Exploring how ethics affects communication in the workplace.
  • Researching topics relevant to management communication.
  • Analyzing methods of increasing influence in the organization.
  • Analyzing one’s own style to determine how one is exhibiting influential and non-influential behaviors.
  • Applying managerial theories to one’s own style.
  • Critiquing management theories and assessing how communication plays a part in their usefulness in the workplace today.
  • Assessing how communication impacts management theories as reflected in their usefulness in the workplace today.


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