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Leadership Theories/Practice

The course presents leadership development theories necessary for the challenges of today’s organizations and for the rapidly changing work environment of the future.  The course addresses current terminology, concepts, competencies, and attitudes to enable students to become leaders who accomplish effective outcomes in organizations while maintaining integrity and credibility.


  • Exploring the origins and evolution of the human need for leadership by tracing the history of management theory and leadership styles.
  • Comparing and contrasting characteristics of managers versus leaders.
  • Understanding those leadership characteristics that are essential to achieving organizational goals.
  • Describing leadership as determined by the group being led.
  • Discussing the role of “transformational leadership” in changing work environments.
  • Investigating the roles and practices of spiritual and ethical leadership for the long-term development of people and institutions.
  • Researching leadership styles and assessing one’s own skills and self-development plans as a model of leadership in lifelong learning.
  • Describing the relationship between leaders and teams that results in participative work.
  • Analyzing global market influences on organizational leadership roles.
  • Demonstrating creativity and innovation in problem solving.
  • Analyzing contributions from a diverse work force.
  • Describing the interactive communication skills of questioning, listening, projecting appropriate images, using body language and voice tones, and providing feedback.
  • Defining and affirming shared values, purposes, and convictions to create a cooperative work community using connective leadership.
  • Employing technology for research, problem solving, and strategic planning.
  • Questioning management paradoxes that challenge conventional wisdom and re-examining assumptions about effective leadership.
  • Exploring leadership skills through behavioral profile self-assessment analysis.


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