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Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality is a thorough examination of one of the most important aspects of life.  Also, the course addresses many of the issues and dilemmas created by avoidant and/or inadequate learning about healthy sexuality.  These competencies represent knowledge and skills that may be applied by professionals in the education and/or helping fields as well as by individuals wishing to advance their own learning in the area.


  • Defining human sexuality according to research as well as common societal viewpoints.
  • Describing societal and cultural views of human sexuality as well as the impact of politics on sexuality.
  • Analyzing healthy developmental stages for human sexuality.
  • Explaining sexual anatomy and physiology.
  • Exploring connections between mind, body, and spirit as they relate to human sexuality.
  • Discussing contemporary models for treatment of sexual deviance and violence.
  • Reviewing the literature for current research relevant to sexual issues, including approaches to management of sexual problems.
  • Examining the role and effects of sex education programs in our schools.
  • Exploring issues surrounding pornography, including internet pornography.
  • Summarizing trends in sexual viewpoints and practices throughout the lifespan.
  • Investigating resources for learning about how to achieve healthy sexuality.
  • Researching major societal issues that are integrally related to sexuality.
  • Examining a transpersonal and developmental framework for sexual ethics.
  • Examining the role that media has with portrayal of sexuality and relationships across the lifespan.
  • Critically analyzing advertising that uses sexual imagery to sell non-sexually relevant products for its potential effect on sexual attitudes and behaviors.
  • Examining sexual harassment in education and workplace environments.


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