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Human Resource Management Applications

This course provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate academic achievement and practical knowledge of Human Resource management theories, tools, techniques, and processes necessary for effective Human Resource practices.  In this course, students demonstrate their ability to integrate and utilize Human Resource management knowledge accumulated in prior coursework through the selection and completion of a course project. Students apply their knowledge by developing and presenting project justification, Human Resource delivery plans, and other Human Resource project management artifacts that describe how to manage a Human Resource department project.

PREREQUISITES:  COM6303, MGT6177, MGT6172, MGT6175, MGT6176, MGT6220


  • Learning both the SHRM HR Content areas as well as the HR Competencies.
  • Growing to become a leader among leaders in the field of human resources.
  • Managing complex operational and strategic issues in both public and private contexts.
  • Creating guidelines for conduct and behavior expectations to enhance employee engagement.
  • Analyzing legal, ethics, and corporate responsibility and the impact in organizations.
  • Integrating how to resolve conflicts; develop and employ performance appraisals; train employees in a diverse workplace.
  • Evaluating Human Resource theories, programs, and practices.
  • Developing and learn to become strategic partners with senior management as they compete in a global workplace.
  • Investigating and illustrate best practices in talent development, global human resources, business leadership, and communication.
  • Appraising and create innovative human resource strategies for various business environments to maximize organizational
  • Utilizing metrics and systems to strategically develop human capital and maximize employee productivity and performance.
  • Interpreting cultural dimensions and global knowledge to drive organizational performance.
  • Demonstrating the ability to manage interactions to support organizations and describes the ability to maintain productive relationships.
  • Reviewing the ability to effectively exchange information with stakeholders, organizational leaders and employees. This includes both verbal and written interactions and is the foundation on which relationships are built and maintained.
  • Analyzing the integration of integrity and accountability through all organizational and business practices.
  • Identifying HR practices focusing on fairness and justices for all people within the organizations.
  • Developing organizational ethical standards and create HR systems that reinforce the organizations’ desired ethical
  • Assessing the new Human Resources competencies and competency model for the 21st
  • Evaluating new organization initiatives, consulting, and then lead the implementation of those that receive approval.
  • Applying the concepts related to critical evaluation competency to key roles and duties performed by Human Resources professionals.
  • Reviewing solutions to potential obstacles to successful implementation of organizational
  • Identifying how Human Resources leaders can be transformational leaders for the organization by leading change.
  • Demonstrating the ability to apply business acumen in various context.
  • Evaluating Global and Cultural effectiveness in organizations and the role of Human Resources.


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