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Motivation for Success

This course presents an in-depth examination of practical time-tested principles on motivation and success. Practical applications to real-life situations include goal development for personal improvement, relational enhancement, vocational support, and achievement strategies. Topics of study include healthy self-image, positive attitude, energizing desire, time management, effective habits, and how to maintain a healthy life-work balance.




  • Applying practical applications of motivation and success for a desired outcome.
  • Critiquing anecdotes, teachings, and counsel from renowned innovators of motivation and success principles.
  • Studying a self-analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses affecting motivation and success with strategies for improvement.
  • Explaining how to keep a healthy balance between self-interests, relational unity, and vocational pursuits.
  • Understanding how and why procrastination negatively affects mental health and high performance.
  • Demonstrating proficient time management techniques to enhance success.
  • Explaining how the outcome of events can be influenced by a constructive change of attitude, habits, and response.
  • Synthesizing how to overcome inner and outer obstacles that challenge motivation and success.
  • Accepting personal responsibility to create a desired result.
  • Practicing effective communication and feedback techniques to synergize relationships.
  • Determining how effective applications of purpose, planning, passion, and persistence bring about prosperity.
  • Integrating a positive self-image and self-confidence to achieve a desired dream or goal.
  • Developing clear, realistic, meaningful, and achievable goal strategies.
  • Implementing desire, courage, and drive to complete a committed goal.
  • Discussing the importance of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for lasting motivation and success.
  • Conducting outside research for reports on course-related topics.


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