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Executive Leadership

The course provides students the skills necessary to lead an organization at the executive level in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. The course will explore the general theories of leadership applied specifically to the executive level. After exploring the theories and foundations of executive leadership, students will investigate and discuss the changes and challenges in executive leadership. A variety of crucial leadership skills and techniques will be addressed. Topics include the history and various theories of leadership, the uniqueness of executive leadership, knowledge management, Emotional IQ, international and culturally diverse aspects of executive leadership, negotiation skills, governance and the board of directors relationship, and leadership development and succession.


  • Understanding the history and theories of leadership and their value within the organization.
  • Understanding the role of executive leadership within the organization.
  • Defining the importance of social responsibility in today’s marketplace.
  • Determining how being able to work with basic personality types can be an asset to an executive.
  • Understanding basic gender differences in executive leadership.
  • Discussing techniques essential to negotiation at the executive level.
  • Understanding how knowledge management impacts the executive level of an organization.
  • Understanding how working with Emotional IQ can be a powerful management tool.
  • Understanding the nature and value of internationally diverse executive leadership.
  • Understanding the nature and value of culturally diverse executive leadership.
  • Defining the impact of ethics at the executive level.
  • Understanding the executive role and relationship to the board of directors.
  • Determining the components of a hostile work environment.
  • Understanding the need for relationship building within the organization.
  • Understanding how to motivate and empower employees.
  • Recognizing basic issues associated with leadership development and succession.


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