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Entrepreneurship Implementation

This course serves as the Capstone course for the MBA in Entrepreneurship. The course provides advanced knowledge, strategies, and tactics needed for a new start-up business. The primary goal for this course is to enable the student to gain the necessary knowledge to write and implement a new business venture plan.

PREREQUISITE:  Prior to enrollment in MGT6755, students must meet the following requirement: All course work completed, except electives.

RGS6036     Ethics for Decision Making

BUS5425     Entrepreneurship

MKT6450    Competitive Marketing Analytics

MKT5260    Digital Marketing Foundation

MGT6177    Human Resource Management

MGT6175    Management Responsibilities & Practice

MGT6705    Innovation


  • Identifying and evaluating influential literature relevant to entrepreneurship topics.
  • Understanding and applying universal ethical principles to entrepreneurship in modern organizations.
  • Creating and applying entrepreneurship principles and techniques within the context of the modern organization.
  • Analyzing the various legal implications of small business planning.
  • Discussing the importance of entrepreneurship and the global environment.
  • Determining how to create and build a small business that prioritizes entrepreneurial success in the decision-making process.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and applying stakeholders’ feedback to prioritize and improve future entrepreneurship applications.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and applying entrepreneurship best practices for effective and informed decision-making in a small business environment.
  • Discussing the importance of the role of a leader executing entrepreneurship plans.
  • Identifying and applying appropriate entrepreneurship tools and techniques related to franchising and hybrids.
  • Discussing the importance of leveraging an entrepreneurial competitive advantage to better enable small business enterprises to understand competition among firms and industries.
  • Discussing the future of entrepreneurship concepts and successful marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.
  • Identifying, evaluating, and applying knowledge of capital resources needed by entrepreneurs.
  • Analyzing the relationship of competitive dynamics and marketplace success in entrepreneurship.


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