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Emerging Issues in HRT

The course prepares the student to identify the emerging issues that will affect the human resources and training professional. Students will explore current trends and technologies related to HRT.


  • Examining current contextual influences and the future direction for contextualizing Human Resources and Training (HRT).
  • Defining key features of business ethics and various ethical frameworks that human resources and training professionals should consider.
  • Identifying the choices, contingencies and various theoretical approaches to strategic HRT.
  • Analyzing the impact of organizational restructuring and the HRT responses.
  • Understanding the implication of globalization for the 21st century’s workforce.
  • Exploring the changing dynamics of the workplace, contemporary developments in the job and work design.
  • Examining HRT in transnational organizations and the role of global HRT professionals in those organizations.
  • Appraising the latest technology in the delivery of training programs.
  • Developing business cases and social equity approaches to diversity management.
  • Designing different change management approaches and key considerations HRT professionals face.
  • Identifying future theoretical and practical challenges in the field of research in recruitment and selection.
  • Understanding the social and cultural factors affecting employee perceptions of fair pay and effectiveness of pay programs.
  • Analyzing the most effective sources for global performance management systems and identifying strategies to enhance the technological delivery of those systems.
  • Examining changes in the workplace environment and its effect of work-life balance programs.
  • Identifying good practices for employee involvement and employee participation in organizations.
  • Exploring the role that HRT plays within the organization and how that role can impact organizational performance.
  • Analyzing the relationship between knowledge and learning to include ways to implement knowledge transfer strategies.
  • Examining the assumptions of total quality management and the key elements of the human resources management cycle.


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