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Digital Advertising & New Media

This course focuses on the varied tools, technologies. concepts, and techniques that drive digital media and advertising.  An overview of the economic, political, legal, and cultural impacts Digital Advertising & New Media have on modern organizations.  This course expands on the various types of media in digital marketing: Owned, Earned, and Paid.  Each of these advertising types will be examined along with an investigation of best practices and their application to digital marketing strategy.  A focus on various advertising channels including display ads, paid search, social media, blogging, and other media channels will be evaluated.


  • Identifying and evaluating influential literature relevant to digital advertising and new media topics.
  • Applying practical applications of digital advertising and new media planning methods.
  • Demonstrating the functions of digital advertising and new media best practices in modern organizational strategies and challenges.
  • Distinguishing best practices around media types of paid, owned, and earned media strategies.
  • Applying the framework of new media planning, buying, and implementation.
  • Examining the role of customer segmentation and target audience analysis in digital media planning.
  • Composing a strategic digital media plan in a real-world marketing challenge.
  • Preparing foundational tactics of digital media planning in a digital strategy plan.
  • Critiquing various digital media strategies and establishing best practices in the industry.
  • Investigating marketing opportunities via digital media outlets.
  • Understanding and evaluating the ethical impact and implications of various aspects of Digital Marketing in modern organizations.


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