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Developing Human Potential

Leaders in the field of human potential estimate that only one percent of humans realize their full potential.  This course explores models and approaches designed to develop untapped abilities.  Students consider reasons for the failure to achieve maximum human development and experience practices designed to further their own growth.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4722 has been successfully completed.


  • Explaining the development of human potential using both content and process models.
  • Completing a self-assessment that measures one’s position and progress in developing human potential.
  • Analyzing models that explain the failure to develop human potential.
  • Exploring the role of consciousness in developing potential.
  • Describing the relationship between will and spirit as they impact the development of potential.
  • Explaining contributions of prominent leaders in the human potential field.
  • Illustrating the consequences of aborted development of potential at individual, group, societal, and global levels.
  • Explaining the role of emotions in developing human potential.
  • Examining power, both as a force of destruction and of development of human potential.
  • Applying practices designed to develop human potential.
  • Comparing and contrasting typical stress management programs with approaches to developing human potential.
  • Discussing the development of premodern, modern, and postmodern perspectives and their relationship to the development of human potential.
  • Exploring the relationship between spirituality and the development of human potential.
  • Describing the contributions and limitations of major world religions to the understanding and development of human potential.
  • Relating the concept of psychological development to the concept of developing human potential.
  • Explaining the role of life events and crises as elicitation windows for developing human potential.
  • Developing specific applications to issues of developing potential in the areas of human sexuality, money, work, relationships, religion, family, and society.


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