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Counseling in Schools

The course presents a comprehensive review of counseling in schools. Students will define the roles and functions of school counselors. Emphasis is placed on a learner-centered process that includes organizing, planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive counseling and guidance program. The Texas Developmental Plan, as well as the American School Counseling Association Models, will be reviewed as related to the school counselor job.


  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the school counselor along with other professionals in the school with regard to the guidance and counseling program.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of the components of a developmental guidance and counseling program, procedures for implementing, evaluating, and modifying the developmental guidance and counseling program as necessary to meet the needs of all students.
  • Demonstrating how to assess the needs of students in a school and plan a proactive program that reflects student needs.
  • Applying knowledge of procedures for developing a guidance curriculum (e.g., establishing learning goals and objectives, indicators of competence, expected results, and evaluative criteria).
  • Understanding the use of prevention approaches and intervention strategies to address student concerns.
  • Guiding students to develop age-appropriate knowledge and skills in the areas of self-confidence, motivation to achieve, decision making and problem solving.
  • Discussing effective referral procedures to facilitate the use of special programs and services.
  • Explaining strategies for effective internal and external communication.
  • Illustrating consultant and/or coordinator roles of school counselors.
  • Demonstrating how to work collaboratively with the school community to promote the integration of the guidance and academic curriculum.
  • Demonstrating personal assessment of leadership aptitudes and capabilities for school counselor on the academic leadership team.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of procedures for consulting with teachers, administrators, and others to provide professional expertise and enhance their work with students.
  • Applying school data to guidance curriculum development.
  • Integrating national and state models into guidance curriculum development.
  • Accessing national and state legislation related to school counselor job description.
  • Articulating methods of school counselor accountability.
  • Analyzing programs designed to develop college/career readiness.


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