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Career Counseling and Guidance

The course presents an in-depth study of career counseling and guidance services that focuses on occupational, educational, and personal/social issues for general and specific populations. Emphasis is on understanding and applying career counseling and guidance theories in school and non-school settings. A primary focus includes planning, designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating a career counseling and guidance program in schools and mental health settings.


  • Identifying general professional/occupational areas of competence.
  • Identifying theories of career counseling and guidance.
  • Using a variety of self-assessment methods in career planning and development.
  • Evaluating the role of career development management and the administration of career development interventions in both school and organizational settings.
  • Identifying the different career stages and their relationship to development and career development theories.
  • Explaining the importance of identifying functional or transferable skills and their relationship to career change and development.
  • Discussing the evolving array of career development resources.
  • Critically analyzing the utility of each career counseling and guidance theory.
  • Identifying the major demographic, technological, and organizational trends that will affect future career planning and development.
  • Understanding various types of assessments of individual career competence.
  • Developing effective communication strategies for use in fostering career development in the classroom, mental health or organizational setting.
  • Selecting, administering and interpreting career assessments.
  • Assessing central career constructs and occupational information systems.
  • Developing effective strategies for working with career issues across the life span.
  • Analyzing and delivering interventions that have clear implications for practice.
  • Evaluating emerging perspectives on the diversity of workforce, labor market, and modern society.


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