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Life is all about problem-solving, time management, and efficiency. Professional success is often found for those who understand how to manage the nuances and functions surrounding these issues. Enter: the project manager.

Navigating the Landscape of Time Management

Many companies across many different industries incorporate project managers into their day-to-day operations and business models. They need a jack of all trades—someone who can analyze a problem, effectively strategize how to solve it, skillfully manage a team to execute the plan, and communicate efficiently to all players involved. “Project management is a pretty broad field. It deals primarily with being able to identify a set of requirements that various stakeholders in the company might have, then being able to take those requirements and build a program or project to address or solve those requirements,” said Amberton Business Associate Faculty Dr. Blair Stephenson.

The Role of Project Managers

When you’re deciding where you want to pursue a degree in project management, keep in mind the importance of practical application. You need to be able to prove you have the capacity to achieve, as much as you have the knowledge and academic understanding of it. Your technical skills are equally important as your cognitive abilities.

Practical Application

“Amberton has such a focus on being practical in the delivery and the content of the courses that we try to provide. As you move through the courses, you don’t really have to wait until you have the degree to gain value from what you’re studying,” Dr. Stephenson said.

Flexibility Beyond Graduation

A Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Project Management does provide you with some degree of flexibility. Basic principles and applications can be adapted across many industries. Don’t be afraid of being pigeonholed after graduation. Take the experiences and testimonies from your instructors and peers, and modify them to your own needs and success. Check out what Amberton’s professors have to say about the Project Management degree program here. If you think Amberton’s BBA in Project Management could be the right fit for you, contact our advisors at or by phone at 972.279.6511 now!