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Welcome to Amberton University!
We hope you will find your educational experience to be a rewarding one. This page is designed to give some quick "advice" in those areas proven to be of special interest to new students; it is not designed to take the place of the University's catalog or schedule. Please read each of these publications carefully. Should you have any questions about University procedures, please call, email or visit the Student Services Office (972.279.6511 ext 180 or 301,

Transfer of Previous College Work
It is important you begin the process of transferring credit from previously attended institutions soon after applying for admission . Submitting official transcripts early will avoid the possibility of repeating courses and, thus, losing credit for work previously completed. Transcripts must be official (originals bearing a raised seal or other appropriate designation), and must come from each college where you completed course work. The University does not accept or evaluate photocopied or faxed transcripts. A graduate student must supply an official transcript with baccalaureate degree posted.

Transfer of Credit Report & Electronic Degree Plan
Once transfer work has been evaluated, you have access to a Transfer of Credit Report (TCR) and an Electronic Degree Plan (EDP). The TCR indicates credit given for transferred courses and how those courses are equivalent to Amberton University courses. The EDP uses information from the TCR as well as work completed at Amberton to provide information relative to a specific degree plan selected by you. Both of these printouts are available from the Student Services Office. Please refer to these sources regularly to make sure degree requirements are being satisfied and you are on track!

Course Rotation Schedule
A course rotation schedule, for both lecture  and e-Courses , is located under "COURSES" in the menu. The course rotation schedule is a tentative list of class availability per session and should not be used for class enrollment purposes. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for current course offerings.

Course Syllabi
Prior to the beginning of registration for a session, Amberton makes all course syllabi available. You can find "Syllabi " under "COURSES" in the main menu. Here you will have access to both undergraduate and graduate syllabi information. You should not register for a course until you have carefully read the course syllabus. Minimally, a course syllabus identifies: course prerequisites, required texts and materials, the course outline, grading criteria, contact information for the instructor, and course resources. In addition, distance-learning syllabi identify how to access the e-Course system.

Amberton University has four ten-week sessions per academic year. Registration for each session begins on the 1st day of the month prior to the month in which the session begins. All course listings can be found in the University's Schedule of Classes . Read the schedule carefully for important dates and information specific to the session's activities. Be sure to fill out the Registration Form  completely and sign where indicated. Incomplete forms delay the registration process. The registration form may be mailed, faxed or hand-delivered to the campus. A confirmation of your requested registration will be mailed to you within three working days. If this confirmation is not received, please contact the Student Services Office. Also, research shows that a newly enrolled student should take no more than three hours in the beginning. Once you have learned to balance life demands with course requirements, additional hours might be added.

Schedule Changes
Any change to your registration schedule must be requested in writing. Phone requests to add or drop a course are not accepted. Refer to the current Catalog or Schedule of Classes for procedures to change your schedule. A Change of Schedule form is available on-line, in the Schedule of Classes and in the Student Services Office.

Tuition Refunds
A pro-rated refund of tuition and fees (with the exception of the admission application fee) is made through the fifth week of the session. The refund schedule is based on the beginning date of the session and continues for five (5) consecutive weeks.  For sessions that are less than ten weeks duration, the refund schedule will be stated in the session’s publications.

No refund is made after the fifth week. Refer to the current Schedule of Classes for the exact refund schedule for a given session. Late registration and class absences are not considered exceptions to the refund policy.

Financial Arrangements
At Amberton University, educational costs are controlled so students are encouraged to follow a "pay as you go" philosophy. Payment is expected at time of enrollment unless you request and qualify for the University's deferred payment/installment plan. Only students who have a good payment history with the University and/or have an acceptable credit record are eligible for any type of extended payment arrangements. These arrangements may be revoked if a student fails to honor his/her financial obligations. If you are relying on employer tuition assistance for educational benefits, make yourself aware of company policies and procedures before enrolling. You can find a list of tuition and fee charges on our Tuition/Fee Charges  page, and also in the Univerisity's Schedule of Classes . Amberton University does not endorse or participate in any type of federal, state or private loan program.

Library Resource Center
The Amberton University LRC offers a specialized collection of on-line and in-house resources designed to meet students' needs and to support specific disciplines taught. On-campus students as well as distance learning students have access to the latest information through the Center's Research databases and indexes. The LRC professional staff provides training in the use of all library resources, including the computer lab, which is available to all currently enrolled students.

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