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Help Desk

Amberton University provides many avenues for help to the online student. Students are encouraged to read each module of their online course when questions arise. Pay special attention to the syllabus and communication guidelines sections as these areas contain instructions on using the online tools available, such as the discussion forum, ecmail system and chat rooms. It is important to remember that students are to use the ecmail system when communicating with their instructors and with offices and departments of the University. All enrolled students have an ecmail account.

Online Resources

eCourse Portal

Students are encouraged to pay special attention to the information provided through the “docks” on the eCourse Portal. The portal provides direct access to student courses, email, discussion board, chat rooms, research resources and other tools provided by the University and is the main gateway to the Amberton University online experience. Each session students are asked to participate in the instructor/course evaluation process. Through the portal, students have access to the evaluation form. Be sure to check the portal page often for new tools available to Amberton students.

Technical Support

For technical support, students can review the “Technical Tips” section of the discussion board for answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not addressed, post the question to the Technical Question topic provided and a tech support specialist will answer your question, usually within 24 hours. Technical assistance is also available by emailing . This account is monitored daily by the University’s team of technical specialists and questions are addressed promptly.

Student Services

For student support assistance, email  for student services questions, including requesting a degree plan, course selection and registration, student accounts, etc. Students can also reach advisors by phone 972.279.6511 during office hours or leave a message and an advisor will return your call the same or next business day.

Research Assistance

Use the Ask-A-Librarian forum on the discussion board to post questions on research assignments or to get help on using research resources available. Students may also email  for questions and call 972.279.6511 ext. 137 to speak with a librarian. The Amberton University Resource Center has an extensive array of online resources accessible through the University’s website and through direct links listed on the portal. Students are encouraged to explore all of the research resources and tools available and to become comfortable with their use. Library personnel are available for training students on the use of these tools.

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