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Is Distance-Learning Right for You?

At first glance, taking an online course may seem to be the best way for you to continue your education. But, is distance-learning right for you? Amberton University has a distinguished history of offering courses by alternative learning methods, such as online courses. Through this history, the University has developed a profile of the successful distance-learning student.

The student who is most successful in an online environment is the person who is self-motivated, organized, and has developed good writing and research skills. Students who enroll in Amberton’s online courses should also answer the following basic questions:
  • Do I need convenience and an adjustable schedule?
  • Do I like to work independently?
  • Am I comfortable asking for clarification of a task or project?
  • Am I comfortable working primarily with a text-based medium?
  • Do I have the necessary computer skills to produce collegiate level documents?
  • Do I have experience in online searching and a working knowledge of my computer’s browser?
If you answered “yes” to these questions, then online courses may be the perfect solution to completing your education. If you hesitated a bit on some of these questions, distance-learning may still be “right” for you, but you may need to work harder and more deliberately at staying in touch with your professor and understanding exactly what each course requires.

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