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No institution, no matter how large or well funded, can be all things to all people. In fairness to itself and its constituents, a university must acknowledge its focus and mission.

Amberton University is an exclusive institution; this exclusiveness incorporates the following general principles:
  • Amberton University is a private, not-for-profit, Christian principled institution.

  • The University primarily offers upper level (Junior/Senior) and graduate level programs leading to bachelor and master degrees.

  • The degrees have been designed exclusively for mature, working adults.
Admission and enrollment to Amberton University are restricted to (see for Admission Standards  details):
  • Mature adults over 21 years of age;
  • Individuals who are fluent (reading, speaking, and writing with facility and smoothness) in the English language;
  • Individuals who are computer literate and have e-mail and Internet access;
  • Individuals who have satisfactorily completed academic work from a U.S.A. accredited university recognized by Amberton;
  • Individuals who are financially qualified to meet the costs of education without benefit of financial aid;
  • Individuals who seek a university academic environment that is relevant, practical, and germane and who do not seek the “student life” trappings associated with traditional institutions (dormitories, sports, social clubs, etc.).
To meet the unique needs of working adults, Amberton University offers classes and programs through the classroom lecture method as well as through distance learning technologies.

Amberton University controls enrollment by restricting the number of classes offered in a program and the number of students allowed to enroll in each class.

As a matter of educational practice, Amberton University does not do for the student what one would reasonably assume a mature, adult, collegian student can do for him/herself.

For all applicants who are qualified for admission and all students who seek enrollment, Amberton University allows, without partiality, participation on a first-come, first-served basis.

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